Working from home : The Ultimate Guide

Working from home : The Ultimate Guide

Working from home, remote working, home office or telecommuting. Whatever you may be familiar with, the concept of working from your own domense has been on the rise and with the outbreak of the coronavirus on our hands, it’s something many will have the chance to try for the first time. It might sound simple enough, but with endless distractions, the possibility of spending time with other home office dwellers and the prospect of a new working environment, working from home can easily turn from the best thing ever to a unproductive mess.

If you google work from home, working from home ideas or work from home companies to look for some inspiration, there are a lot of different strategies and approaches. We read and tried almost all of them to see what works best so you don’t have to.

Benefits of working from home

Opening your very own home office being it either temporary or permanent is riddled with benefits, some obvious some quite surprising. Studies show that workers who work from home are not only happier but they are also 13% more likely to stay at their current job for the next five years. Besides, who doesn’t like the prospect of working in their pyjamas, not having to deal with that chatty coworker who is a constant distraction or dealing with what seems like an endless commute to and from the office.

Tried and tested tips

  • Know the rules

Not every work from home scenario is the same, is your schedule a strict 9-5? Or are you allowed to be more flexible? Will you need any specific equipment or software? Get the basics right and set up a checklist of everything essential you can think off, set up a good foundation that can help you perform and be more productive.


  • Get stuck in

The ability to wake up and dive into your to-do list head first is greatly underrated, starting early sets the day on the right path. Remember the home environment is an endless battle with distractions, polishing of another episode of a tv show you were watching before bed while eating breakfast seems like a great alternative to a morning commute, but doing so can kill your motivation, productivity and set the direction towards poor performance. Getting stuck in straight away means you can get more things ticked off meaning you can motivate yourself by the progress you are achieving as you go along, its doesn’t work for everyone, but many of our team members found this to be a great way to avoid hitting a wall first thing in the morning.


  • Find your time

Tend to be more productive during the afternoon? Plan your day so you can utilise that to your advantage. The work day is not an even race, some people start strong and slow down as they go, for some it’s the other way round and for others it’s a rollercoaster of productivity and motivation. Know your workflow and plan your day accordingly, pick the most difficult and tasks for the times you work at your peak and save more mondaine jobs for when you’re feeling a bit less productive.

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