Working from home : The Ultimate Guide

Working from home, remote working, home office or telecommuting. Whatever you may be familiar with, the concept of working from your own domense has been on the rise and with the outbreak of the coronavirus on our hands, it’s something many will have the chance to try for the first time. It might sound simple enough, but with endless distractions, the possibility of spending time with other home office dwellers and the prospect of a new working environment, working from home can easily turn from the best thing ever to a unproductive mess.

If you google work from home, working from home ideas or work from home companies to look for some inspiration, there are a lot of different strategies and approaches. We read and tried almost all of them to see what works best so you don’t have to.

Benefits of working from home

Opening your very own home office being it either temporary or permanent is riddled with benefits, some obvious some quite surprising. Studies show that workers who work from home are not only happier but they are also 13% more likely to stay at their current job for the next five years. Besides, who doesn’t like the prospect of working in their pyjamas, not having to deal with that chatty coworker who is a constant distraction or dealing with what seems like an endless commute to and from the office.

Tried and tested tips

  • Know the rules

Not every work from home scenario is the same, is your schedule a strict 9-5? Or are you allowed to be more flexible? Will you need any specific equipment or software? Get the basics right and set up a checklist of everything essential you can think off, set up a good foundation that can help you perform and be more productive.


  • Get stuck in

The ability to wake up and dive into your to-do list head first is greatly underrated, starting early sets the day on the right path. Remember the home environment is an endless battle with distractions, polishing of another episode of a tv show you were watching before bed while eating breakfast seems like a great alternative to a morning commute, but doing so can kill your motivation, productivity and set the direction towards poor performance. Getting stuck in straight away means you can get more things ticked off meaning you can motivate yourself by the progress you are achieving as you go along, its doesn’t work for everyone, but many of our team members found this to be a great way to avoid hitting a wall first thing in the morning.


  • Find your time

Tend to be more productive during the afternoon? Plan your day so you can utilise that to your advantage. The work day is not an even race, some people start strong and slow down as they go, for some it’s the other way round and for others it’s a rollercoaster of productivity and motivation. Know your workflow and plan your day accordingly, pick the most difficult and tasks for the times you work at your peak and save more mondaine jobs for when you’re feeling a bit less productive.


What is digital advertising and why is it so important

What seems like yesterday, companies communicated through physical actions, magazines and newspapers to name a few. Some time after TV and radio came about, it was a huge leap for marketers at the time, equipping them with new tools to target and reach their existing and potential customers.

The glory days of these traditional channels are over though. Changes in how we use technology today means that the modern customer is never out of touch. And what was the gold standard for advertising in the past, is no longer relevant. Now is the time to reach customers where they are present. With almost 5 billion active users on the internet right now, almost 4 billion on social media. Now is the time for digital marketing.

Digital Advertising Explained

Digital advertising is a very broad term which encompasses the different ways a brand can communicate with their customers using a variety of digital channels. A brand can communicate information to promote themselves, their product or service.

Digital communication consists of web browser actions, social media pages, blogs, apps or any other way in which a direct line of communication between the customer and the company takes place. With changes in technology rapidly shaping the digital world, more options on how these touch points can be utilized to benefit your brand emerged.

Advantages of Digital Advertising

The key advantage and what distinguishes the new media from the traditional advertising approaches is accuracy. Digital Advertising is data driven. With countless sources and tools to utilize, it’s easier than ever to paint a picture of your customer base. Learn what their needs are and how you can meet them, find who they are and what they’re interests are and use that information to craft a message which will resonate with them.

When you purchase an advertising slot on TV. you have no control over who will see that ad. Sure, you can manipulate some variables like the time, channel etc. but for the most cases you’re shooting in the dark. But with social media advertising for example, your strategy can be more segmented and focused on a particular group of customers. At the end of the day, if you’re a fashion brand why would you spend money trying to appeal to people who don’t care about clothes?

When you segment your campaign based on factors such as interest, you can target who sees your ad’s with more precision. Moreover, you can also monitor your customers actions in real-time, you don’t have to wait weeks to see if your investment paid off like you do with traditional marketing. By utilizing this feature you can tweak your campaign as you go along, making sure you’re on track to accomplish your goals and get a return on your investment.

Plan your Strategy

If you think digital advertising is something your business can implement, then you need a strategy. It’s crucial to know what your goals are, what kind of resources you have available to achieve those, and who your customer is.

This stage can be tricky, with so many options to choose from, cross-checking and tweaking as you go along to ensure success requires expertise and takes time, but we are here to help. Our team can create a buyer persona for your business, leveraging data to learn who your customers are and how best to reach them, choosing the optimal advertising methods, content that they will find most appealing. Get seen with VT and achieve your goals.



How to advertise your business online

Digital Advertising is the optimal method of achieving your business goals in the modern world. We’ve discussed what is digital advertising and why your business should use it here.

Implementing that knowledge however and getting a return on investment is another story, which so many options to choose from what should you go with? In this blog post we will go through 4 methods of advertising your business online which are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Google has revolutionized the way we source information online. Google performs approximately 75,000 searches per second. It’s where almost every customer journey starts, it’s also where your business should start your online advertising endeavors.

Advertising your business on search engines can be done in two ways. You can implement search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a method of optimizing your website for your customers and search engines. This is done by improving the quality of the web page by using keywords, building links to external sides and using high quality content which is highly relevant to your customers. SEO is a long term strategy, it often takes months to see any concrete results and it’s something that needs to be done consistently to ensure your website ranks high on search engines and ahead of the competition. Although time consuming, SEO is relatively cost-effective and presents a favorable ROI.

SEM consists of advertising in the form of PPC or pay per click. This is where your business only pays for users who clicked on your ads (still think tv is a good idea?) The key benefit of SEM over SEO is that paid listings always appear on the top of the search results meaning it will get more clicks, especially if your PPC campaign is properly optimized.

Display Advertising

This medium combines the elegance of traditional marketing with all the quirks and features which come in the digital package. This method utilizes images, graphics or videos to attract user’s attention. This is often used on ad spaces on websites. With this method you can find websites your customers might frequently visit. For example if you are selling DIY tools & materials you can purchase ad space on a forum dedicated to DIY. It’s likely your customers might visit a site like this to find guidance or inspiration.

Visual Advertising can be a great way to attract attention & drive conversion, with the added benefit of leveraging data to drive your display advertising strategy, you can craft a message which your customers will want to see and click on.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is one of the best channels to implement advertising on. Studies show that on average users spend over 1 hour a day on a social media channel of their choice. Social media is the perfect place to strengthen your brand awareness and increase your reach and presence. Social media is the place to create a community around your brand by building relationships with your customers.

This can be done organically, but with paid ads you can increase your growth exponentially. Social media is one of the most efficient and cost effective advertising options as it can be implemented on any budget and it offers the most advanced targeting options and endless opportunities to tweak and adjust your campaign as you go along

Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest channels which is still relevant today, even though it’s not as innovative or trendy as the other channels we’ve mentioned, email marketing can still generate solid results for your business. Studies show that 99% of consumers check emails on a daily basis, and research shows that millennial’s prefer to communicate with companies via email.

The biggest advantage of email marketing is ROI. Studies show that the average return on investment for email advertising is £40 for very £1 you spend.

To achieve similar results your business needs to think about a number of factors. Firstly, get a high quality subscriber base, this is something your business does organically, subscribing to your email list is something your customers should want to do, offer them incentives in form of high quality content so they keep engaging with your campaigns. Once you have this out of the way, you can focus on creating high quality and most importantly relevant content, make sure that you are providing genuine value and not spamming your customer base with emails. You can segment your list based on interest, and characteristics to further enhance the success rate of your campaigns.

Get Seen

Creating a successful digital advertising campaign is not as easy as it might seem at first, get in touch with our team and don’t lose out on getting your business ranked high on google, appear on valuable ad spaces, reaching the heart of your brand’s community and leveraging the benefits of the solid ROI email provides.


Food Delivery : New boom?

As we enter into another month of lock down with no end in sight, businesses around the world can only hope that this pandemic ends soon, as the impact on many businesses has been catastrophic. But it seems that not everyone is negatively affected, as one industry seems to have a lot to gain.

In the first quarter of 2020, Just Eat recorded a 50% increase in orders. It’s no wonder, as people are advised to stay home, terms such as order food online or takeaway near me have shown a steep increase in popularity. Are we headed for a new food delivery boom and will this trend persist as the world comes back to normal in hopefully the near future?

Well it’s difficult to tell. The dutch delivery company Takeaway which merged with Just Eat earlier this year reported periods of decline for select niches with lunch orders taking the biggest hit. Interestingly, the dutch company also suffered from a number of cyber attacks, with a peak of a few hundred thousand orders affected at the end of March.

The industry has been adapting to the crisis with chain restaurants driving recruitment. Notably Uber has been offering the shift from transport to food delivery in form of Uber eats, however experts point at this being an economic decision aimed at preserving their employee base rather than an attempt to capitalize on new trends.

Whenever this boom is to continue has been further doubted by analysts who estimate that food delivery companies could be impacted further down the line, as people might be increasingly put off by ordering food for hygiene reasons and economic reasons. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, even if restaurants attempt to continue trading. The demand might be affected as a result of economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The one clear positive for food delivery companies and restaurants who transitioned into a more delivery focused model amidst the pandemic is the convenience factor of ordering online. With many customers ordering for the first time, the experience will most likely affect their behavior in the future.

VT Digital Marketing to the rescue!

If you’re a business struggling during the crisis, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Have a look at our services and get in touch for a free consultation. We have helped many businesses in the past get out from a difficult situation.



Why colour matters

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the colour choice for the most recognisable brands? Was it random, or perhaps was it a calculated decision aimed at affecting your subconscious buying behaviour?

Colour psychology

Psychologists and researchers alike have documented the power of colour and its psychological impact on decision making and buying behaviour. That breadth of knowledge has made its way into marketing and utilised by designers and marketers to influence their audience. The impact is so powerful, that a recent study showed that 86% of consumers claimed that colour was the deciding factor when making a purchase. Colour and buying behaviour

Black – This colour can help your brand build association with strong authority, power and stability. Black has also been shown to showcase intelligence

Blue – This choice has ranked at the top as the preferred colour for men. Tones of blue are associated with reliability, tranquility, water and peace. Research has shown that blue creates a sense of security. Studies have also associated blue with curbing appetite and stimulating productivity. Blue is often used by conservative brands which seek to increase the trust in their product or service

Grey – This colour strongly emphasizes practicality, furthermore grey has also been shown to embody the feeling of solidarity and in some cases, old age. Studies have also shown that too heavy use of grey can lead to the feeling of emptiness and even depression.

Green – This colour provides a strong link to health, power, nature and tranquility. In the context of marketing, green has been used to relax customers to create a more pleasant environment, as green stimulates the feeling of harmony and encourages decisiveness

Red – This choice has been one of the most studied colours. Red creates a strong sense of urgency which is why it’s used heavily in sales. Red also encourages appetite, hence it’s present in almost every fast food brand. Moreover, red has a profound effect on the body, the colour can provoke the rise in blood pressure, heart rate and it creates the association with movement, passion and excitement.

Purple – This colour has a strong association with royalty, respect and wisdom. Purple has been shown to stimulate problem-solving as well as creativity. In marketing, this is the most common choice for the beauty industry, with heavy use in anti-aging products.

Yellow & Orange – These choices are very similar in the context of psychology. They create the feeling of optimism, however research also shows their effect on the feelings of anxiety and caution. Yellow has been shown to effectively impact impulsive buyers.

White – This colour creates the atmosphere of purity, safety and cleanliness. White can improve creativity as well as create the image of an un-altered and clean state.

How brands use colours?

The most famous example of how the colour theory is applied into practice is McDonalds. The red – yellow combination creates a high energy pair which is not only appealing to children, but it also drives appetite with the addition of a sense of urgency. Another interesting example is Starbucks, the world famous coffee chain uses green to improve the atmosphere in their cafes, creating a better environment for their customers, which in turn affects their behaviour.

Next Step

Now you know how the use of colours can have a profound psychological effect on your customers. Applying that knowledge into practice is more difficult than it may seem, using colour to achieve your goals requires practical knowledge and in-depth planning in order to hit your targets and achieve your long term goals. Get in touch with VT for a free consultation so you can see how we can help your brand succeed.


Good opportunity to invest? Only 7% have done it…

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, a large majority of brands are either choosing to cut down or maintain their spend on marketing. This could present an opportunity for brands looking to gain more brand awareness and capitalise their investment by gaining a higher share of the market.

According to the latest data. Only 7% of brands opted to increase their spend by investing in marketing. A survey conducted by e-consultancy found that the members of the 7 percent were driven by the prospect of seizing the opportunity whilst competition was distracted. This is compared to 30% who choose to maintain their attitude and 49% who choose to save their budget and redirect it to other departments.

Another aspect which is facing pressure alongside marketing budgets are spending priorities. A third of respondents from a recent study mentioned that they are investing more in improving their brand value, most commonly in the form of charity donations. Another common tactic is the switch from acquisition to retention.

Even though many industries are looking grim. There is a positive outlook coming from B2B brands. This sector has the highest percentage of businesses looking to seize the opportunity and invest, with 14%. Financial departments in B2B organisations have also been shown to more happily invest in media and marketing with 17%

As data from previous recessions suggests, those brands who choose to invest in a time of crisis are the ones which emerge more strongly.
Get in touch with VT Digital Marketing to see how we can help your business. We offer a variety of packages suitable for every budget. Take the advantage of this opportunity and come out as a winner.